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Loans for new graduates

Get a head start on your professional life with a loan of up to two times your salary (capped at £10,000). The Graduate Life Start loan helps students with the transition from student life to working professional. No longer a student, life after graduation presents new financial demands.

Key Features:

  • Borrow up to two times your salary

  • Fixed interest rates

  • No guarantor or cosigner required

  • No early repayment fee

Frequently asked questions

This loan is designed for final year undergraduate students or postgraduate students that are ending their course at some point during the next 6 months or have graduated within the last twelve months and are either already in full-time professional employment (and can provide payslips and contract) or have a contract with a forward start date to begin work after graduation.

The funds are disbursed to the student’s bank account and can be used for to cover personal living expenses.

Under the Graduate Life Start Loan, you can request to borrow up to 2 monthly salaries (capped at £10,000) for expenses related to your transition from student life to professional life.

If you have already graduated, your loan repayments will begin 1 month after the loan disbursement. If you have not yet graduated, your loan repayments will begin once you have completed your first month of employment.

The repayment schedule of your Lendwise Graduate Life Start Loan will be clearly laid out in the provisional loan offer and on the loan agreement. In addition, the repayment schedule is also viewable online on the Lendwise dashboard.

If you are interested in a Lendwise Graduate Life start loan, we encourage you to complete a quick online application so we can offer you a no-obligation provisional loan proposal.

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