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Student Loans for Bootcamp Courses

Depending on your career, the opportunity to upskill or reskill can significantly impact your salary or the job opportunities available to you. A coding bootcamp for example, can be a fast way to advance or break into a tech career. Technology trends are constantly changing, and new technical skills are constantly in high demand.

Frequently asked questions

A bootcamp course is, by definition, short in duration and very intensive. Depending on your background, a bootcamp can help you gain valuable practical and technical skills which can prepare you for a new job or a significant increase in your salary. The low cost and duration of bootcamps, in comparison to a postgraduate degree, makes them an attractive option.

Bootcamp trainings are offered on full-time, remote, part-time and self-paced online basis. Due to their intensity, it is important to select a training that fits in with your schedule so that you can devote the time and energy required to be successful in the training.

Coding bootcamps have become highly popular and successful in the recent years. Bootcamps are a fast and cost-effective way to gain technical training in specific and necessary skills that employers are looking for.

Bootcamp courses are usually not eligible for student finance through the government postgraduate loan, but some may be eligible through the apprenticeship scheme. Stay away from credit cards or high-interest personal loans. Dedicated student finance platforms such as Lendwise, offer loans for coding bootcamps with lower interest rates and fair repayment terms for students.

Popular bootcamp training courses include:

  • UX/UI design bootcamp
  • Data science bootcamp
  • Full-stack development bootcamp
  • Front-end development bootcamp
  • Back-end development bootcamp
  • Software engineering bootcamp
  • Web development bootcamp
  • JavaScript bootcamp
  • Digital marketing bootcamp
  • Data Analytics bootcamp
  • Python Programming bootcamp
  • React Development bootcamp
  • Cybersecurity Engineering bootcamp
  • Cybersecurity Analytics bootcamp

When making the decision to enrol in a bootcamp training, it is important to consider the following carefully:

  • the specific skills you want to gain
  • bootcamp course syllabus
  • method of teaching
  • project-based learning opportunities
  • employment and salary prospects
  • time requirement
  • cost

Bootcamp courses are usually not eligible for student finance through the government postgraduate loan but some may be eligible through the apprenticeship scheme. Dedicated student finance platforms such as Lendwise offer postgraduate loans for bootcamps and other professional qualifications.

Depending on the course-provider and the subject of the bootcamp training, the fees may vary from a few hundred pounds to several thousands.

If you are interested in a Lendwise student loan for a bootcamp training or to acquire a professional qualification, we encourage you to complete a quick online application so we can offer you a no-obligation provisional loan proposal.

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