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Why should you partner with Lendwise?

Surveys have shown that career development is a top priority for employers seeking to retain talent.

By partnering with Lendwise, employers can efficiently invest in their employee’s professional development.

Lendwise can provide bespoke loans to your employees for their professional development.

Key aspects of a partnership with Lendwise

  1. Flexible approach:

    1. Employer can share the cost of a course with an employee or pay for the course in its entirety.
    2. Option for employer to pay-down the loan based on successful continued employment tenure by the employee.
    3. Lendwise pays tuition fees directly to the academic institution
  2. Employees that need financial help can get it through Lendwise, including bridging a funding gap.

  3. Lendwise pays tuition fees directly to the academic institution so the employer knows the loan is correctly utilised.

  4. Employees will typically pay a reduced fee on their loan and have their application processed quicker through the partnership channel.

  5. Employees pay-off their loan via payroll deductions in a hassle-free manner.

  6. Becoming a Lendwise Partner involves no cost to the employer.

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